3 Phase Mud Viper System

The 3-Phase Mud Viper system is designed to efficiently remove ferrous debris from drilling and work over fluids at the surface. This greatly reduces the damages commonly experienced with pumping equipment.

Illustration of how the 3-phase Mud Viper System works.

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The "Fluid Deflector" redirects fluid movement and also creates an "Eddy" effect. This prevents a direct "Flushing" of debris caused from direct current contact.

The "Magnet Insert/Stainless Sleeve" is designed to swing with the prevailing drill fluid currents. This allows the magnets and debris to adjust to a more comfortable position thus creating a much more efficient debris removal system.

Remove the "Magnet Insert" from the "Stainless Sleeve" and debris simply falls off resulting in an easy clean and efficient debris recovery system.

Illustration of the layout and details of the 3-phase mud viper system.

The above illustration shows the layout and details of the 3 Phase Mud Viper System. Click on the image for a bigger version.