Drill Pipe Float Valve & Accessories

All Stacey Float Valves are manufactured in the USA with alloy steel integral, cages and plungers to produce the most reliable float valve on the market today.

All Flappers are investment cast and then case hardened for wear resistance. Elastomers available are Nitrile Butadiene (NBR /Buna N), Hydrogen Nitrile Butadiene (HNBR), and Viton® (Fluoroelastomer / FKM).

Inconel® or stainless steel springs come standard on all our valves and are significantly more resistant to corrosion when compared to standard service springs provided by most other manufacturers.

All Stacey Float Valves, baffle plates, and valve pullers are interchangeable with the Baker® Style Model F, and Baker® Style Model G Float Valves.

Available in standard service and H2S / High Temperature service.

Manufactured in the USA. Contact email@staceyoil.com

Model F

The Model F is a plunger-type float valve that provides a positive instantaneous shut off, providing constant fluid control while drilling.

Model FA

The Model FA Pressure-Monitoring plunger-type float valve has a special port running through the plunger of the float valve. This valve is used when monitoring the bit head for gas pressure and allowing differential pressure measuring when required.

Model FC

The Model FC Automatic-Fill plunger-type float valve incorporates a unique key assembly and slotted valve stem to hold the plunger open during run in of the drill pipe and allows the pipe to fill from the bottom, saving time, reducing mess, and avoiding hazards.

Model G

The Model G is a flapper-type float valve that, when opened, offers an unobstructed bore through the float valve.

Model GA

The Model GA Pressure-Monitoring flapper-type float valve is indistinguishable from the Model G with the exception of a tungsten-carbide insert in the flapper valve.

Model GC

The Model GC Automatic-Fill flapper-type float valve incorporates a unique self-releasing key assembly that holds the flapper partially open during run in, allowing the pipe to fill from the bottom.

Model GCA

The Model GCA Automatic-Fill/Pressure-Monitoring flapper-type float valve includes all the advantages of the Models G, GC, and GA.

Float Subs

All Stacey Float Subs are Manufactured to current Industry Standards / Certification requirements specified by the Customer.