ERT-Pro Extended Reach Tool


The ERT-Pro Extended Reach Tool is designed for use in coiled-tubing and workover applications as a portion of the BHA to aid in extending reach in horizontal wellbores.

When activated the tool generates eccentric rotational force and intermittent pulsation to the BHA effectively breaking static friction in wellbores.

Some of the benefits of the ERT-Pro over competitors' tools are:

* Varies depending on application and proper care between use.

Overview of Tool Components

Diagram of ERT-Pro components.



The ERT-Pro can be used in a variety of applications including:


Both lab testing and field use indicate optimal placement for the ERT-Pro is inline behind a downhole motor or wash tip.

ERT-Pro can also be placed inline at any point in a jointed drill string to aid in static friction breakage.


Tool will activate at lower end of specified flow range (see specification) and continue to operate through recommended flow range.

Note: Testing has shown that optimal range for the 2.882 ERT-Pro is at 3bbl with 800 psi backpressure.

Operating Range

Independent third party data gathered during testing shows the ERT-Pro unit operating at 10-12 Hz while in the recommended operating range. Testing demonstrated that the ERT-Pro provides substantial movement both parallel along the drillstring, as well as perpendicular. Testing also demonstrated pulsation generated by the unit.

As shown below, the large peaks on each chart are generated by the water pump itself. The other peaks are the frequency generated by the oscillation chamber and pulsation chambers.

Charts of ERT-Pro operating range.