High Pressure High Temperature Operations (HPHT)

Where the undisturbed bottomhole temperature is greater than 150°C / 300°F, and where either the maximum anticipated pore pressure of any porous formation exceeds 0.8 psi/ft., or pressure control equipment with a rated working pressure in excess of 10,000psi, is required.

HSE Definition

Definitions vary for HPHT; however temperature is the key issue even when the pressures are far lower than the above mentioned figures. Stacey Oil Tool Ltd's involvement is with that of temperature.

Utilising our Mud Cooling Systems, we can look at your individual cooling requirements, including providing a temperature model of the proposed drilling conditions to determine the temperature reduction at the surface and BCHT. We can offer cooling systems tailored to your specific operations.

Problems of HPHT

High fluid temperatures lead to premature failures of elastomers in pumps and downhole tools, resulting in unnecessary downtime. Particular attention needs to be focussed on this issue during HPHT operations and is one of the main reasons why a cooling system needs to be installed.

A neglected problem, that of friction-generated heat, occurs within the Mud Pump, which can lead to the fluid temperature being increased by several degrees. Attention needs to be paid to the performance of the pumps we offer, for example:

Rig Sunset Picture

Other problems associated with HPHT operations include:

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