Mud-Viper Magnet

The Mud Viper from Rattler Tools Inc., is a powerful Surface Magnet, which allows for greater ease of operation. The magnets have been run on Casing Milling Operations and are proving to be very successful.

Illustration of how mud viper is installed into the ditch magnet.

The image above shows that the "magnet insert" is installed into the ditch magnet housing during operation. Once the "magnet insert" is removed, the debris simply falls off.

Pictures of the Mud Viper in action

Photo of Mud Viper after washdown

The picture above illustrates the Mud Viper after washdown, complete with metal fragments that have been collected. Click on the picture for an enlarged view.

Photo of metal pieces collected from mud viper prior to washdown.

The above image shows collected metal pieces, covered in fluid prior to washdown.

Photo of clean metal debris falling off mud viper as magnet insert is removed.

The above picture shows the clean metal debris falling instantly off the tool, as the magnet insert is removed.