Plunger-type Valves

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Diagram of Model F Plunger Type - Standard.

Model F - Plunger Type - Standard

The Model F is a plunger-type float valve that provides a positive instantaneous shut off, providing constant fluid control while drilling.

The Model F is a reliable and economical selection under standard drilling operations.

Diagram of Model FC Plunger Type - Automatic Fill.

Model FC - Plunger Type - Automatic Fill

The Model FC Automatic-Fill plunger-type float valve incorporates a unique key assembly and slotted valve stem to hold the plunger open during run in of the drill pipe and allows the pipe to fill from the bottom, saving time, reducing mess, and avoiding hazards. The plunger is automatically released once circulation begins.

Diagram of Model FA Plunger Type - Pressure Monitoring.

Model FA - Plunger Type - Pressure Monitoring

The Model FA Pressure-Monitoring plunger-type float valve has a special port running through the plunger of the float valve. This valve is used when monitoring the bit head for gas pressure and allowing differential pressure measuring when required. The port also permits partial automatic fill during run in.

FLOAT VALVE INSTALLATION: Simply lubricate the side seals and slide the float valve into the cavity of the float sub or the bored-out drill collar. Caution: fill drill pipe regularly when going in the hole. Failure to do this can cause damage to the drill pipe and float valve.