Stacey Rotating Control Diverter Hear Picture

Rotating Diverter System
The Stacey Rotating Control Diverter Head™ is a key piece of Underbalanced drilling equipment, it diverts hazardous gas, steam and cuttings away from the rig and personnel. Click on the links below to find out more.

Mud Cooling Systems Cooler

Mud Cooling Systems
Mud Cooling Systems are based on proven technology over many generations of heat transfer for the process industry. They can be utilised for cooling drilling fluids, gas cooling/condensing, steam condensing, fluid cooling and waste water cooling.

Mag Trap

Mag Trap - Downhole Magnets
The Mag-Trap, manufactured by Rattler Tools Inc., is an extremely efficient downhole magnet and an effective way of removing metal contaminants from fluids downhole.

Stacey Fising Magnets

Stacey Fising Magnets
The Stacey Fishing Magnets are designed to retrieve small parts of oddly shaped pieces of metal from the bottom of a well bore which are uncatchable by means of internal or external catch tools.

Ditch Magnet

Stacey Ditch Magnet
The Stacey Oil Tools Ditch Magnet is an extremely high magnetic strength tool designed to catch metal contaminants from all forms of drilling medium.


Mud Viper Ditch Magnet
The Mud Viper from Rattler Tools Inc., is a powerful Surface Magnet, which allows for greater ease of operation. The magnets have been run on Casing Milling Operations and are proving to be very successful.

Illustration of 3-phase mud viper.

3 Phase Mud Viper
The 3 Phase Mud Viper System is designed to efficiently remove ferrous debris from drilling and work over fluids at the surface. This greatly reduces the damages commonly experienced with pumping equipment.

Diagram of MT Copperhead.

MT Copperhead
The MT Copperhead is a ferrous metal debris recovery tool designed to be used in conjunction with Coiled Tubing, Electric Line, Wire Line, and with the use of conventional work strings. The "little brother" of the Mag-Trap has proven to be very effective in the removal of perforation debris from production assemblies thought to have had a pristine environment.

Performance Pulsation Control Logo

Pulsation Dampening
We act as Agent on behalf of Performance Pulsation Control, who offer a complete hydraulic system analysis of reciprocating pumping systems.

Patriot Logo Ultra Seal

Ultra Seal
Ultraseal is a drilling fluid additive which effectively seals well formations to control differential sticking and helps prevent loss circulation problems.