Stacey Rotating Control Divertor Head™

Supplementary Items

RCDH Supplied Items

Anti-Spill Protection Devices

For use in environmentally sensitive operations, encapsulating Rotating Control Diverter Heads™

API Ring Joint Gaskets

Stainless steel ring joint gaskets with full traceability

Bearing Stand

Designed as a safety stand, to be used when installing/removing stripper rubbers onto bearing assemblies - full traceability

Blind Flanges

Various sizes, all to API spec to suit Customer requirements, with full traceability

Blooey Lines

Designed and built to suit Customer requirements, with full traceability

BOP/RCDH Test Mandrel

For test of BOP Stack, Rotating Control Diverter Head™ - full traceability

Casing Strippers

Various casing sizes available for stripping casing

Choke Manifolds

Choke and Test Manifolds to suit Customer requirements

Conductor Pipe Extensions

Complete with heavy duty clamp to suit Customer requirements

Monitoring Console/Oiler-Lubricator

Control console c/w pressure gauges information gathering, built in oiler System

Crossover Subs

Available to crossover non-standard pipe connections to drillpipe starting mandrels

Double Studded Adapters

Various sizes and pressure ratings to suit Customer requirements

Drilling Mandrel/Nipple Extensions

Used for tripping purposes. Standard length and specially built to suit customer requirements

Drilling Spools

Various sizes and configurations to suit customer requirements - API flanges

Drillpipe Starting Mandrels

Bullnosed starting mandrels, various API thread connections

Flowline Connections

Various sizes, pressure ratings and configurations to suit customer requirements

Gumbo Rubbers

Fluted/ribbed stripper rubbers designed to increase turbulence; reduces plugging at outlet of RCDH™ Bowl and build-up of gumbo

Kelly Drivers

Heavy Duty kelly driver supplied with bushing to suit rig kelly

Kelly Saver Subs

Smooth kelly saver subs to suit rig supplied kelly - this reduces wear on stripper rubbers

Manual/Hydraulic Gate Valves

API gate valves, various sizes and pressure ratings - other valves available on request

Rolling Float Meter

Sensitive and accurateFlowmeter that
provides early warning detection of lost circulation or gas kicks; adaptable to accommodate flowline size

Snubbing Adapters

Compact snubbing adapters

Stripper Rubbers

A selection of stripper rubbers specifically designed for use in a variety of drilling mediums, including Air Mist/Foam/Water Base/Oil Base/ Natural Crude/Natural Gas/ Geothermal operations/Coalbed Methane

Stud Bolts and Nuts

All stud bolts supplied with corresponding nuts, correct torque figures, material certification - made from high strength alloy steel, specially treated to minimise galling and corrosion. Studs furnished with heavy hex nuts

Wireline Logging Adapters

Compact logging adapters to suit logging company's lubricator c/w EUE connections

RCDH Accessories Available

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