Safety Policy

Stacey Oil Services Ltd. follow a Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy which is considered paramount in all of the company's business environments. The Policy dictates that practical and effective Health, Safety and Environmental measures are in place to protect employees, clients, contractors, the general public and any other persons affected by our activities. In addition to statutory Health, Safety and Environmental legislation, Stacey promotes its own initiative to provide a safe working environment for all persons involved or that come into contact with its business operations.

Stacey Oil Services Ltd. is committed to provide working conditions that are safe and healthy for all employees and those under their control. The company's operations shall be carried out so that as far as is reasonably practicable the health, safety or condition of any person or property will not be adversely affected by their undertakings.

Compliance with legal requirements is seen as a minimum standard and the company shall seek continual cost-effective improvements in the standards achieved.

The Health and Safety Policy is the direct concern of all employees within the company. All staff within Stacey Oil Services Ltd. are accountable for the Health and Safety implementation. This is recognised as an integral part of their business performance.

Performance shall be measured against objectives set by the Company Directors, with reference to sector best practice communicated across the company and reviewed on a regular basis, along with proposals for the continuous improvement of the standards achieved.

The company is committed to the provision of adequate resources, information and training to provide competent individuals and teams.

Communication and involvement of all individuals within the company in the management of health and safety is actively promoted, and regular meetings are held with all members of staff and management.

This policy is implemented through the policies of the individual divisions of the company, in accordance with the Company Health and Safety System. Specific arrangements are developed within each division of the company. These are managed to meet the requirements of their business operations.

The company shall review this policy periodically taking action if necessary to ensure its effectiveness.