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Underbalanced Drilling

Stacey Oil Tools Ltd has been involved in the promotion of the use of Underbalance Drilling for a number of years around the world. We are active participants in the IADC Underbalanced Operations Committees, API 16UB and SPE, and have had extensive experience in the use of Rotating Control Heads (see Stacey RCDH™).

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HPHT Operations

Utilising our Mud Cooling Systems, we can look at your individual cooling requirements, including providing a temperature model of the proposed drilling conditions to determine the temperature reduction at the surface and BCHT. We can offer cooling systems tailored to your specific operations.

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Temperature Modeling

If you wish we can produce a Temperature Model based given the appropriate data. This page allows you to input the data into our online form and have it emailed to us. Please fill in the information as accurately as possible, and include your full contact details.

Technical Writing

Technical Writing

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