Valve Pullers

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Picture of a Model F (Top) Valve Puller

Model F (Top) Puller

The Model F valve (top) puller is designed to remove float valves from the top of the sub. Simply squeeze the forks together and press against the head of the valve plunger. Once the forks are engaged with the cage the valve can be pulled. Disengage by sliding the separator away from the valve and squeezing the forks together and the puller can be removed.

Picture of a Model F (Bottom) Valve Puller

Model F (Bottom) Puller

The Model F Valve Puller makes easy work of removing stuck or tight float valves from the sub or drill collar. Simply engage the special catch into the bottom of the float valve, rotate 90°, and then simply slide the bumper into the stop and the float valve is removed.

Note: when using the puller to remove a Model FC valve, special care must be taken when engaging the catch so that it does not make contact with the releasing key.

Picture of a Model G Valve Puller

Model G Puller

The Model G Valve Puller is dual-purpose tool. In addition to removing tight or stuck float valves from subs or drill collars, it assists in removing and installing the seal-retaining ring when changing out the valve seal.